Heartbreak to Hope, Alok’s Journey With Double Depression

Alok lives with double depression while having a career in Software Quality Assurance.  In this episode of Silent Superheroes, Alok talks about the simple middle school heartbreak that introduced him to depression and his long journey with therapy and medication.  We discuss the mundane nature of suicidal ideation and the perceived difference between physical and mental health.  Alok successfully manages his mental health at work and offers words of cautious hope to those just starting their journey with depression.

Alok is the host of the Race Invaders podcast, an ongoing dialogue about race, politics, and the search for a universal response to oppression.


  • The Race Invaders Podcast (podcast)
  • Robert Sopolsky depression lecture (video)
  • Beck Depression Inventory (resource)

Getting Support

Remember, the people you hear on Silent Superheroes are people talking about their personal experience with mental illness.  They are not trained medical professionals.  If you are considering making a change to your treatment plan, please contact a medical professional.

Take your mental health seriously. If you need to speak to someone you can call 1-800-273-8255, or text crisistextline.org on 741741. Both provide 24×7 confidential counseling to people in the United States. Worldwide visit http://iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/

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