Silent Superheroes are the workers showing up every day secretly managing a mental illness. The Silent Superheroes podcast tells their story through frank and open conversations about their mental illness, how mental health impacts their work and the planning, strength and courage it takes to be part of the workforce. The Silent Superheroes podcast is for managers, leaders, Human Resources professionals, mental health professionals, family members and anyone else who wants to learn more about mental health in the workplace. And of course for the Silent Superheroes, you aren’t alone.


#33 When Learning Disabilities Become A Superpower – Anne’s Story

In college, choosing a major was challenging for Anne. Her challenge wasn’t because she was a feckless student unable to pick something and stick to it.  It was because her undiagnosed learning disabilities made learning new subjects difficult. Textbooks were a constant battle for Anne while going through school and college.  After a college therapist …

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If you’re a Silent Superhero, a member of the workforce managing a diagnosed mental illness, we’d love to hear from you and arrange a recording to capture and share your story.  Please send an e-mail to [email protected].