From dean’s list to desperation and a workable plan, Amanda’s journey with bipolar type 1

Meet Amanda, a mom working as a pharmacy technician while managing bipolar type 1. In this episode of Silent Superheroes, Amanda talks about her experience living with undiagnosed bipolar disorder.  Experiences that range from making dean’s list during a manic semester, to considering suicide while the rest of New York celebrated the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl.  Hospitalization put Amanda on the road to recovery, but despite knowing her bipolar type 1 intimately and having a plan to manage it, the  structure of her work  makes maintaining her mental health difficult.


Getting Help

Remember, the people you hear on Silent Superheroes are people talking about their personal experience with mental illness.  They are not trained medical professionals.  If you are considering making a change to your treatment plan, please contact a medical professional.

Take your mental health seriously. If you need to speak to someone you can call 1-800-273-8255, or text on 741741. Both provide 24×7 confidential counseling to people in the United States. Worldwide visit

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